Creating empowering and challenging opportunities primarily for women through multi-day canoe trips.

About Us

Organizing canoe trips for groups has always brought me joy. It’s always worth the late nights and the hard work put in to hear a new camper's shriek of joy as they reach their hands to the sky, knowing they’ve discovered a new-found love for the outdoors. I have been taking friends on canoe trips since the age of 15 and started working professionally as soon as I was legally old enough. This love of canoe tripping has been passed down to me by my parents, who also live and breathe the outdoors in their personal and professional lives. And cheers to them for all the tricks I carry around with me today.


December 2020, I came to Jess with a dream and an offer to be my partner in this business project and thankfully she jumped on board! Jess has been a rock and has put in great amounts of energy and determination to make these D2D trips a reality. With the start of 2021, Camille’s name covered the calendar before she could agree to join the team. I am so grateful for these amazing women to be beside me in this project to make it possible and heaps of fun through these funky times. Keep on keepin’ on!

 -Keva Bunge


Our Vision 

Discover your potential, take it with you and flourish

Our Values

Empower: Create a safe environment to realize your full potential. 

Challenge: Offer attainable challenges to push your personal limits and discover your mental and physical abilities.

Discover: Using the wilderness as a playground to learn about yourself, your community and the natural world.


D2D Goals

  • Be a reference for women who want to introduce themselves to outdoor adventures

  • Provide a funded women's trip by summer 2022

  • Provide outdoor opportunities for a more diverse clientele 

  • Foster a supportive work environment for female guides and interns with recognition for their hard work. 

  • Provide professional standards of quality and security

Why Women?

Jess and I are both very inspired by female lead, female participant trips. We want to provide opportunities for women to be, and work, in the outdoors, and for them to feel empowered and supported by their communities. It is crucial for us that there is a welcoming and accessible place for a more diverse clientele to experience the beauty of Quebec’s landscapes. We all have energy to give and take, and we’d like to put our energy into our outdoor community of women. *PLEASE NOTE* that all are welcome and we will respect and use your chosen pronouns. If this feels like a trip for you, then there is a place for you here.

Meet The Team


Keva Bunge

Wilderness trips have been an important part of my life since day one, thanks to the community I grew up in. I feel a great need to share and respect this beautiful planet we live on, to learn and grow in a present mindset discovering who we are. Living in the spirit of “Love what you do, do what you love” I fill my days with canoe trips, dog sledding, whitewater raft guiding, ski instructing, travelling, hiking, and sharing my passion for life through music, laughter and play. I am currently studying in Women, Gender and Sexuality studies and working hard to bring these important topics into my field of work. 


I am an honest and playful person and value the courage it takes to be your true self. I believe that there is no better place to find that person than on trip in a safe environment. For me, trip is a place to be my best self, and drop it back down to the basics of community, food well earned, clean water and a beautiful view.


Jessica Zajko

From a young age, my parents introduced me to the wonders of breathing fresh air and having sunshine on my cheeks! I studied in Gaspé, doing an AEC in Adventure Guiding. That’s where I discovered my passion for whitewater! I continued my studies in Chicoutimi doing a bachelor's degree in Outdoor Leadership and Management to know more about outdoor learning and therapy and to build some experience in logistics and management. That led me to jobs concerning youth dealing with addictions, a logistics event job with Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, canoe tripping and raft guiding. Leadership, logistics and human relations are what fascinates me most in adventures. Starting this company with Keva drives me on so many different levels, but I am also excited to be on the water with you this summer. 

For me, nothing is more fulfilling and relaxing than being on trip. Nature brings us back to our senses and to simple living. It’s so rich to rediscover the beauty of our land and live in peace with it.


Camille Godue -Couture

For me, being out in nature is a way of learning and refocusing on what matters the most to you. It gives you a chance to be vulnerable, to be yourself, and take the time to live in the present moment with the people around you. Coming from the Technique in Adventure Tourism (Gaspé) and the Bachelor in Outdoor Leadership and Management (UQAC), I am now in a Masters in Education with particular interest in education through nature and adventure in the training program of the Quebec school. My experience in the field mainly consists of being an instructor for Outward Bound Canada and NOLS. I worked as a risk management consultant and am currently involved with Au Grand Air which focuses on nature-based education for children. 

Camille is for us a pillar within the team. We have full confidence in her and are very grateful to be able to count on her organization, her contribution in risk management, and her field and educational skills.


Camille Leclair

Since I was very young, I have been passionate about nature. I discovered team sports very early on, and outdoor activities came into my life shortly after. I have done a lot of family camping, and that’s what gave me the urge to learn more. I was fortunate enough to participate in a program that allowed me to add the outdoors into my life and my hobbies during my high school years. During my enrollment at university, I realized that I could work in this field, and my bachelor's studies in Outdoor Intervention only confirmed and widened my enormous interests in the wilderness.

Since then, I have dreamed of adventures. I like to try, perform and be challenged. I love what the outdoors brings to my life, both personally and professionally. It allows me to surpass my abilities, get out of my comfort zone and feel fulfilled.

For me, outdoor expeditions are an opportunity to have an honest encounter with yourself and with others. I love the human side of it. I also want to seek more knowledge in the social field. I love to see people grow up to be better people.


Hippolyte Mogé

Hi to all of you. I’m delighted to be part of the vast adventure of Desire to Discover, I will be part of the co-ed expedition called ‘’Courageous co-ed’’. With my passion for the outdoors, canoe expedition is not only a second nature, but also a place to exchange and learn. Other than my work with Desire to Discover, I am teaching in an adventure tourism guiding program where I specialize in land and water activities all the way to an avalanche safety course. It will be a pleasure to bring my experience in whitewater river guiding and outdoor leadership education as needed. It is a true honour to be part of the fabulous Desire to Discover team.

Alex profile pic.JPG

Alex Bunge

Hello Adventurers! My name is Alex Bunge. My passion is to share what I love, and I love being outdoors. I have been instructing, guiding and teaching in wilderness settings across Canada, from Baffin Island to the Nahanni River, as well as in the mountains of New Zealand, for over 20 years. Whitewater canoeing, rafting, dog sledding, sea kayaking and trekking are some of the modes of transport that I have used in my work – but the real journey has always been within every individual. I started this career working and learning with adjudicated youth, indigenous youth and women survivors of violence. Since then, I have used the skills that they taught me to work with many populations of all ages. As a wilderness instructor, I strive to provide a safe, fun and exciting space for you to explore, discover and become who you want to be. When I’m not out adventuring on my x-country skis, whitewater canoe or bicycle, I am learning from the students I teach in a CEGEP College in Gatineau, Quebec. I can't wait to share in this journey of discovery with you.