Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need my own camping and paddling gear?

There will be a clothing list provided to you with recommended clothing and personal gear for you to bring on trip. If there are items that are not accessible or in your price range, please reach out to us and we may be able to provide you with the missing pieces or find someone you can borrow from. Read more on the Canoe Trips page. 

Can I use my own paddling gear?

Yes, you can use your own paddle, PFD, and helmet, but we will need to check the condition they are in prior to the departure of the trip. If you decide to bring your own gear, we will not take responsibility for the loss or damage of them.



Do I need to bring my own snacks?

Please do not bring any of your own food or drinks as it may lead to complications with wild animals and participant allergies. We will provide you with a balanced diet throughout the journey of the trip. 

Will you accommodate my dietary restrictions and/or allergies?

Yes, we will accommodate your needs! But please be very clear about your specific needs in the forms you fill out. Read more on the Food & Gear page.

Will alcohol be served on the trip?

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on our trips and we ask that you do not bring any along with you. Our insurance does not cover us when under the influence of alcohol. 



Where do I drop off/pick up a participant?

Wakefield, Qc will be our place of meeting before and after the trip. More details will be given through email communication closer to the departure of the trip. Wakefield is a small artisan village with the beautiful Gatineau River flowing through it. We encourage you to support the local shops, find yourself a freshly made bakery treat and a fair trade coffee to enjoy on the waterfront. 

Is there a place I can park my car while I’m on trip?

Give us a call and we will help you find a safe place to park your car during the trip. 

Is it possible to carpool with someone to arrive at the meeting place?

Certainly! If Covid restrictions allow, we encourage you to ride-share. A few weeks before the trip, we would like to have a group video chat to answer your questions and allow you to pair with someone for carpooling if possible. Send us an email and we can help pair you with someone in the group. 




Tips are not required or included in the prices, but greatly appreciated. The guides put in lots of time and energy into making these trips memorable for our participants. This is a kind gesture of support for them in their outdoor career. (Ex: 10-15$ per day)



Will we need to wear masks on the trip?

Within the current Covid measures, we will have to wear masks when we drive, cook, and serve food. We will continue to follow the updated guidelines of public health as they continue to change as we move closer to summer.

What Covid measures will we be taking on the trip to ensure the safety of the group?

The health and safety of everyone one involved are extremely important to us. All of our trips will follow public health guidelines. It is too early to have a precise idea of the measures we will be taking on our summer trips. We will stay in contact and give you the information when we know more.



Can I bring my phone?

You will not need it! We ask that you leave all technology behind (phone, iPod, iPad, speaker, smart watch, etc.). This will allow you to appreciate the environment and people around you on this journey and give your eyes and brain a lovely break from the screen. Cameras and simple watches (waterproof) are welcome. 



What do I do if I have to take daily medicine? 

No problem, we will need to know the information concerning your medications through a phone call prior to the departure date. Instructors will carry individual medications on the youth trips (Fearless Female, Courageous Co-ed), adult trips (Legendary Ladies, Warrior Women) participants will be responsible for carrying their own medications. 

Do I need to know how to be able to swim?

It is not necessary to feel like a fish in the water to join us on our expeditions, BUT if you are scared of water we strongly suggest choosing a flatwater trip (on lakes). PFD will be worn for all water activities.

Do I need previous paddling or outdoor experience?

No, these trips are meant to give you this experience. We will start with some quick lessons during the base camp days to teach some basic skills before heading out into the wilderness. There will be lots of learning opportunities from certified instructors throughout the trip to help you feel comfortable and confident in the field.   



Are your trips only for women? 

No. A large majority of our canoe trips are designed to provide opportunities for women and people who identify as women, but there is also a trip for all genders called Courageous Co-ed (ages 15-18). We value the importance of creating space to foster equality between all genders. 

What do we do about personal hygiene?

It is crucial that we do not put our soap suds into the water because of the impact it has on the environment. We will be swimming lots to help freshen up after hot sunny days of paddling. We will get into the details of this in our group video chat before the trip.