As much as we want you to feel comfortable in the clothes you have on trip, we’d like to warn you that they will get dirty and be well loved. If you have old clothes that you are not too attached to, or if you have the option to seek out second-hand clothes, we encourage you to take that route -  for the planet, and for your amazing retro look! 

We encourage you to look for fabrics that will continue to benefit you even when they are wet and cold. These include synthetic, acrylic, polyester, wool, and fleece. Avoid cotton fabric because once it is wet it will take longer to dry and contribute to making you cold. 

Clothes will be your best protection from sun and bugs on trip, we personally recommend a light, long sleeve, button up shirt to wear throughout the day, this is typically our most used item of clothing throughout the summer.


Less is more. You will be carrying all of your gear and it will add up quickly. You will be given 40L of space for your belongings. One set of clothes that you will wear in the day (wet clothes) and one set of clothes you can change into at night (dry clothes) (plus PJs, bathing suit, one fleece sweater, and rain gear) which should cover all your bases. Check out the personal gear list.



If you are planning on purchasing a new sleeping bag and sleeping mat for this expedition, there are a few options in price and quality. If you think that outdoor adventures will become a part of your hobbies, it may be useful to have a more versatile kit. If you just need something to complete the trip, options at a lower price will work just fine, OR even better, borrowing it from someone.

If you are unsure, contact us before making your purchase and we’ll be happy to give you some advice.


All food and drink will be provided. We ask you to refrain from bringing personal food items to avoid running into allergies and miscommunications in the field. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable with the food you will be provided, especially because it is a place of comfort. As a group we will eat and cook together, serving 3 meals a day as well as multiple snacks and desserts. If you have specific dietary needs, we will do everything in our ability to accommodate them and we ask that you are extra clear in your explanations to avoid confusion. 


Our menu is vegetarian. We provide and serve healthy and balanced meals that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. As participants you will take a large role in the cooking of the meals on the trips and you will have opportunities to discover new tasty recipes provided by D2D.  


There will be NO alcoholic beverages permitted on our expeditions. We ask that you refrain from bringing any of your own as it is not covered by our insurance.

Coffee will be offered for adult trips (Legendary Ladies, Warrior Women).