Thank you in advance! Your support means so much to us and it allows us to provide powerful opportunities to more people in, and new, to our community.  


A big goal for us is to be able to send out a funded expedition as soon as possible! This will allow us to take people into the wilderness based on their love and curiosity for the outdoors rather than determining opportunity by the profits they make in their daily lives. 


If you have specific intentions for your donations please send a message to us with your visions for the funds. This can be anything from location, target audience, themes, goals etc. We value your ideas and would love to hear what you have to share with us.  


Gear and clothing donations are also valuable to us. When participants arrive and do not have the appropriate clothing or gear to stay dry and warm throughout the expedition, we will do our best to fill in the missing pieces. 

Useful clothing items and materials:

Fleece, wool, synthetic, long underwear top & bottom, running shoes, Sun hats, Sun protection, Rain gear, Bug hats/tops, etc.

Useful gear:

Reusable Water Bottles, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, backpacks, dry bags, head lamps, etc.


Email us for more information about gear and clothing donations.