Canoe Trips
Summer 2021

How to Choose Your Trip

Our trips are divided by age and level of difficulty. Youth trips are for ages 15 to 18, adult trips are for ages 18 and up. Each trip offers a slightly different level of technicality, some being primarily flat water trips (lakes) and some whitewater (rivers/rapids). 


If there is not a trip that fits the experience you are looking for, check out our custom adventures that allow you to craft a personal trip. We will work in the best of our abilities to provide everyone with an opportunity for an adventurous summer experience. 

To read more about the style of our trips, return to the home page.

Adult Canoe Trips


Dates: June 19th - 23rd, 2021 

Location: La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve

Length: 5 day expedition

Level of technicality: Beginner Flatwater (lakes)

Designed for: Women adult 18 and plus

Price: $1,150 + taxes (see what price includes below)

Warrior women is a trip to breathe out and look in. A time for reflection and challenge, building confidence, and feeling support from the community of women that will share this journey with you.

A trip to be your own warrior.

Warrior Women

Dates: July 19th - 23rd, 2021 (Optional canoe course July 17th - 18th *not included

Location:  Coulonge River

Length: 5 day expedition

Level of technicality: Beginner Whitewater

Designed for: Females Adult ages 18 and +

Price: $1,500 + taxes (see what price includes below)

Legendary Ladies is a trip to create space for accessible and positive learning. With a goal of finding joy and pride in trying new things and inspiring each other to thrive. This trip will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and build bridges to create a welcoming outdoor community.

Become a part of the legend!

Legendary Ladies

Youth Canoe Trips


Dates: July 4th - 20th, 2021 (Basecamp: 4th-6th Trip: 6th-23rd)

Location:  Bazin River - Gatineau River

Length: 2 day Basecamp, 18 day expedition

Level of technicality: Intermediate Whitewater & Flatwater 

Designed for:  Females Youth ages 15-18

Price: $4,000 + taxes (see what price includes below)

Fearless Females is an expedition designed to empower young adventurers to feel alive and strong in their skin. This trip will bring challenges through technical opportunities as well as length. Relationships and team energy will be key to encourage success on multiple levels.

The power is within you, it's time to see what you can do.

Fearless Females
Courageous Co-ed

Courageous co-ed is an expedition for anyone ready to be a part of a team, to find joy and laughter among challenge and hard work. This route provides technical wilderness opportunities and time will be made for self-reflection and growth. Find the courage to take a leap and lend a hand.

Dates: Aug 8th - 22nd, 2021 (Basecamp: 8th-10th Trip: 11th - 22nd)

Location:  Dumoine River

Length:  3 days Basecamp, 12 day expedition

Level of technicality: Intermediate Whitewater

Designed for: Anyone Youth ages 15 - 18

Price: $3,000 + taxes (see what price includes below)

Price Includes
  • Canoe, paddle, PFD, helmet

  • Experienced Instructors 

  • Food

  • Group equipment (kitchen gear, tents, bowl, cutlery, etc.)

  • Safety gear (communication device, first aid kit, repair kit, etc.)

Not Included
  • Sleeping bag & Sleeping pad

  • Personal clothes (see list here)

  • Headlamp/ flashlight

Book Your Trip

Congratulations! You are about to give yourself a memorable summer adventure, thank you for your trust and support. Please read the following instruction carefully


Booking step by step:

  1. Fill in the three documents listed below, and forward documents to email: This will reserve your spot (note: reservations on first come first served basis). 

  2. Once all documents are received we will send you an email with the deposit invoice concerning the expedition you have selected.

  3. You will then be asked to provide a 25% deposit of the total price of the expedition (taxes included). Once we have successfully received your deposit your place is officially confirmed. 

  4. The outstanding balance of the invoice must be received at least 40 days prior to the departure date of the expedition. Check your inbox for further communications.

What To Know - Adult & Youth Trips

Our first meeting place as a group will be in Wakefield, Quebec - a small town located 25 minutes north of Gatineau on highway 5. Wakefield will also be the end location. Some trips start off with a few days of base camp to pack, prepare and get some basic knowledge and skills under your belt before heading out on the water. These are instructional expeditions which means we would love your participation and enthusiasm in joining us with the daily tasks of being on trip. 

Our goal is that you return home with a sense of accomplishment and many new skills that allow you to feel comfortable, responsible and empowered by the beautiful outdoors.

Create Your Own Canoe Trip

Custom Adventures

Are you looking to share a unique wilderness experience with your chosen group of people?

Gather a group of 4 - 8 people among your friends or family and call us to organize the dates and location. Young children and grandparents are more than welcome. Canoe routes will be chosen to fit the dynamic of your group and your intended goals (ex: learn how to paddle whitewater, and/or relax and enjoy the wilderness).  * Custom trips must be a minimum of 5 days in length. 

What you bring:

- A group of 4 - 8 participants (no experience required)

- Personal items and sleeping bags (see list here)

- Transportation to the chosen meeting place

What we bring:

- Qualified and experienced instructors

- Canoes, gear, and safety equipment

- Food and beverages 

- Method of emergency communication

Prices will be calculated based on group size, location, and number of staff required. 


Contact us at (514) 916-7456 or to make a request before booking your trip.

Weekend Canoe Courses

Canoe Courses

Spend the weekend on the water learning how to canoe! Whether it is your first time in a canoe or you are looking to freshen up your skills, we will provide you with a weekend course that fits your skill set with a balance of challenge and safety. 


Price for a 2 day canoe course: $315 per person + taxes


Price Includes:

- Qualified and experienced instructors 

- Method of emergency communication

- 2 days of canoe instruction from 9am - 4pm

What you bring:

- A group of 4 - 8 participants (no experience required)

- Personal items, canoes and equipment (see list here) * Rentals available

-Lunch and snacks for the day 

Rental Gear

Canoe Rentals

Rentals for Weekend Canoe Courses

Canoe and safety equipment rental - $50/person for the weekend 

*it takes 2 people to rent a canoe*


Canoe Rentals for the Week

Whitewater Canoe and 2 paddles - $250

Contact us to reserve rentals at (514) 916-7456 or .